Helper library supporting licenses creation and validation.

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CodeProtect Library

Helper library supporting licenses creation and validation.


Manageable Restrictions

The Licensor imposes restrictions on the scope of Program use, concerning:

Quantitative Limitation

The maximum number of process variables, e.g. OPC tags, communication channels, address space elements, etc.

Functional Limitation

Functions executed by the Program according to its current edition

Time Limitation

Data scanning period as of the Program start. After the limit has been reached the Program will continue functioning but without the function of data sampling from a station.

Term Limitation

Period of use as of the installation date or another fixed date after which the Program will stop functioning. The date may be determined in absolute terms (a definite date, e.g. July 7, 2014) or relatively, e.g. 3 years after the date of Program installation (term limitation). If there is no term limitation, the (indefinite) license concerns the main number of the Program version as described by the first figure in the Program version number.